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Establishing a new firm(corporation)───We will satisfy your needs with a reasonable price.

  If you are thinking of establishing a new firm or corporation, please inform us of your plan.

  There are many kinds of corporations; a company limited, an aggregate corporation , an incorporated foundation, a profit (non-profit) corporation, a social welfare juridical person, an educational corporation, a medical corporation and a religious corporation, and so on.

  Before starting up a firm or corporation, you might as well consider which meets your needs and profit of the project you are planning. So, we offer you the merits and demerits of each corporation to see which one is better to assure your choice.
  In case of a company limited, we prepare for making the statutes(定款) of a new company, proceeding to a certification of the statutes at a notary public office, an investigation of the investment by the actual property(現物出資), and a selection of Directors (取締役) by the Promoters (発起人) or by the General Meeting (創立総会), etc., according to the Corporation Law (会社法) in Japan.

   Recently one-man company or one with a small amount of capital is often going to be established. In such a case, we will prepare for establishing such a company in the same way, with a reasonable price for your convenience.

   Also, we often find non-profit organizations (NPO),
particularly in a metropolitan area near Tokyo. However, any NPO has some merits and demerits and is restricted in legal requirement.
  Examples of requirements are: ①management of the organization is restricted to the rule of the NPO law , ②every business report is necessary within three months after the annual report has been submitted (with a notification of a change of directors), ③corporation tax and consumption tax must be paid for a business income, and ④ a minimum wage should be secured, with each of workmen’s compensation, unemployment and employee’s pension insurance must be admitted.
  We are willing to respond to your request in every case, and ready to make an effort to proceed with the best effect and a reasonable price.
  Please contact us in any form of inquiries;