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Inheritance, the last will, divorce, or guardianship(相続、遺言、離婚、後見)──Free counselling promises you a satisfactory solution.

  We have a free consultation and counselling any time, especially about inheritance and a last will or about guardianship, all of them are what you are most interested in.

  Also, the recent feature of "divorce in mature age" and "settlement after the divorce" will be the matters to be discussed frequently. For these matters, we have free counselling to offer a better advice in each case and situation.

  Concerning the inheritance, there are many cases of lifetime measures (making a last will or a bequest or a gift between the living persons 生前贈与) and after death measures (execution of one’s will, negotiations between heirs and a division of the property), etc.

  There may be a case in which an executor, a notary, or the family court is related to. In each case, we are in charge of these matters accordingly, in cooperation with a judicial scrivener or lawyer, proceeding to the final settlement of your inheritance.

  For further details about inheritance and guardianship, please refer to case studies on the homepage.

  Please make inquiries any time :

Case studies of inheritance and guardianship ──for free guidance and consultation

  We respond to your inquiries about inheritance and guardianship as follows;

1⃣ A last will and a division of the inherited property

(1) Heirs and the inherited property: ①partner: one half (1/2), child: one half (1/2) ②partner: two thirds ( 2/3), father or mother one thirds (1/3) ③partner three quarters (3/4), brother or sister one quarter (1/4) ⇒you can make a last will to give a different share of the inherited property from a legal share. 

(2)  Research for heirs apparent ⇒need to search for the family register and a resident card in case of making an agreement for a division of the property, including a removed family register or a revised original family register. We, as administrative scriveners, are authorized to search for these registers.

Attention ⇒in case of remarriage, there may be a child of one’s former wife, a recognized son or an adopted child. We will search for these facts and report on your request.

2⃣ Making a last will and testament

(1) Kind of a last will and testament: ①one’s own handwriting of a will ②a notarized deed of a will ③ a secret writing of a will ④a special form of a will (in an emergency) ⇒ often used are ①and ②( ①is necessary with the family court concerned to )⇒②is to recommend.

(2)  Inherited property: ①deposits and savings or securities ②real estate ③ debts or liabilities (including obligations)⇒make an original statement of a will ⇒a notarized deed of a will at a notary’s office.

3⃣ Making an agreement for division of the inherited property.

(1)  Methoed division: ①appointed division (leglly by the last will) ②agreed division (between heirs) ③a mediation or judged division by the family court.

(2)  Object of a division of the inherited property ⇒①only for the positive property excluding debts and liabilities ⇒which will be inherited between the heirs.  

(3) Kind of a division ⇒①a division of the actual property (specified with the name of the heir)②a division in compensation for the particular heirs(granting other properties but the inheritance)③cashed division (to cash part or all of the inherited property and divide between the heirs).

4⃣ A gift inter vivos (among the living persons) ⇒ inexpensive than bequest(a gift after death) for a tax advantage ; ⇒ please make inquiries for the detail.

5⃣ Guardianship ⇒①contract for management of the property ⇒recommended while one’s ability is wholesome. ②an optional contract of guardianship ⇒(in case one’s ability is insufficient)a contract to give authority,to an agent, to manage his property and to care and look after his life.

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