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Change your visa status or length of stay?───Make inquiries about your case in any situation.

                                ※offered by Asahi Shimbun
  We are administrative procedures specialists for an entry visa or extension of your stay and application for visa status change. So, please make inquiries about your case in any situation any time.

  We act as an agent for application at the Immigration Bureau, and as a deputy in making documents for the applicants; you can trust us to proceed in getting new visa status.
  Personal History(履歴書) (working experience both in your country and in Japan) and Explanations(理由書) (details of application for the case) are to be examined severely at the Immigration Bureau.

  We will make reasonable and convincing documents about these forms through an interview with the applicant; the immigration law (入国管理法) is based on judgement of the examiner of the Bureau, so you can rely on us to proceed to the authorization of your visa renewal.
Exceptional permission of stay or permanent residence
 An outline for the exceptional permission (for the detail please make inquiries to us) is as follows;

 (1) Positive matters to be considered: ①the applicant is a child of a Japanese or a permanent resident, ②and raises a legitimate or recognized child, who is underage and unmarried, looks after and raises the child for a certain period of time with parental rights.
 (2) Negative matters to be considered: ①the applicant has been sentenced on a serious crime, ②or has committed an untisocial offence or violation against the administration of the immigration control.
 Application for permanent residence is as follows;
   Legal requirements: ①the applicant has a good behavior, ②and has a property or skill enough to sustain his life, ③his permanent residence meets a national interest, ④has been staying in Japan for more than 10 years( more than 5 years with working or residential status), willing to pay taxes and has never been fined nor sentenced to imprisonment.
International marriage and a birth overseas etc.
 A guidance for an international marriage and a birth overseas is held in our office anytime.
Please refer to each case concerning these items in Q & A forms;

 Q1 Do we need to notify a family register when we are married or have a child in Japan?

   A⇒Yes, you do. (必要です) When you submit your marriage notification to the local office, it will be accepted if the condition is allowed; except for a marriage in the embassy or a consulate (notification is not necessary). The registration of a birth is always necessary.
 Q2 What other kinds of documents are necessary when a foreign resident submits a marriage notification in Japan?

   A⇒You need to submit a certification to prove necessary conditions of a marriage with a translation into Japanese.
 Q3 I am Ami Suzuki (Japanese) and married Carl Royce. What will become of our family register?Can I name myself "Ami Royce"?

   A ⇒A new family register (as "Suzuki"and her husband) is made. Your name is Ami Suzuki, but you can name yourself "Ami Royce" (or "Royce Ami" in Japanese style) if you register a change of your family name to the local office (at the family registration counter).
 Q4 We are a Japanese couple. If we have children in a foreign country, what shall we care to
do with a birth registration?

   A ⇒You need to register a birth within three months since the date of birth, according to the rules of the country. You should care to hold his or her Japanese nationality nationality if you want. Otherwise, his or her nationality remains to be a foreign country's nationality.
  For further information, please make inquiries about anything else.